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You’re here because you’ve realised that managing and optimising your business isn’t a one-person job.

Maybe you’ve googled “what does a fractional COO  do” or “COO vs OBM” to figure out what kind of support you need.

Let us make it a little simpler for you.

Think of us as your all-in-one chief operating officer (COO). Working alongside you, the CEO, we’re here to oversee and outsource your business’s management, team, and operational infrastructure, giving you the time and space to do what you do best.

As a visionary leader, you’re not short of groundbreaking ideas. We’re talking brainwaves in the shower, industrial quantities of Post-it notes and caffeine-fuelled mind maps scrawled across a whiteboard.

Sound familiar?

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Sneha Morjaria

Sneha's story

I’m Sneha, a double award-winning certified online business manager, F-COO, and founder of The Growth Chain®.

Before starting The Growth Chain®, I was an FTSE 100 corporate auditor for national and global businesses, including Google, Selfridges, Next PLC, The White Company, pharmaceuticals and luxury hotels. Name the industry; I’ve covered it.

Then 2020 happened. I’ll spare you the grim summary of that historic year and its impact on jobs worldwide. With my department gone, it was time to return to the drawing board. Uprooting my life and moving to London for work didn’t fill me with enthusiasm, so I turned my hand to VA work.

Sneha Morjaria Business Manager

Discovering online business management and consultancy was a light-bulb moment.

Since then, I’ve seen the same problem repeating itself. Gifted entrepreneurs reach a certain level of success at the price of burnout and exhaustion. They assume their product suite is flawed, so they join yet another costly course, mastermind or programme to map out new offers.

The leaders and founders that approach me don’t need a full-blown business revamp. They need to hire and lead a team that eases their workload and builds a solid operational infrastructure, allowing them to dial back their working hours without compromising their goals.

The Growth Chain® lays the foundations for you to scale and run your business like clockwork. From mapping your workflows to recruiting the brightest talent, the team and I are here to take the pressure off, so you can reclaim your time and focus on the money-making moves.

Based in the U.K., you’ll usually find me sipping a cup of chai from the comfort of my home office. 

Meet the Team

When you partner with The Growth Chain®, you gain access to a carefully curated team of highly qualified specialists. Outsourcing elements of your business can be nerve-racking, especially if previous ‘shiny object’ investments haven’t translated into tangible results. Armed with an intimate working knowledge of what it takes to scale a business successfully, we combine high-level strategy, operations, and proactivity to become an indispensable extension of your team.
Sneha Morjaria

Sneha - CEO and Fractional COO

Sneha is a certified and award-winning online business manager and fractional COO for service providers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners. With thirteen years of corporate experience in financial and value-based auditing, Sneha specialises in strategic, growth-focused operations and consultancy for ambitious leaders.

Beth V The Growth Chain team member

Beth - Strategic Data Analyst

With extensive experience in corporate operations and analytics, Beth has an intimate knowledge of how data drives critical business decisions. From monthly marketing metrics to bespoke launch reporting, Beth takes the data, analyses it, and presents it in an easily digestible way. A certified Dubsado specialist, she’s skilled at taking the back end from chaos to calm.

Julie The Growth Chain team member

Julie - Tech Specialist

Julie’s specialisms are deeply rooted in smart, efficient tech facilitating smooth and streamlined business operations. From Dubsado builds to course and funnel creation, Julie ensures the client experience functions like a well-oiled machine.

HollyMcCarthyThe Growth Chain team member

Holly - Operations Specialist

From streamlined business systems to flawless system builds to slick SOPs – Holly takes the stress out of Operations. Holly specialises in organising business operations to ensure that they run smoothly.

Amal The Growth Chain team member

Amal - Podcast and Client Success Manager

With a penchant for audio engineering, Amal edits podcasts with finesse, resulting in polished, professional-quality audio. When he’s not concentrating on the digital audio workstation, he handles our daily operations and checks in with our clients.

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You’ll also have access to

A private Slack channel and Voxer group for business support and quick-fire questions.
Leadership Support - Growing a business requires you to shift your mindset and responsibilities. That’s why we mentor you on how to step into the leadership role.

We’re a good fit if…

You have at least a VA or EA on your team and require skilled collaborators to support you with high-level operations.

You have a big-picture vision for your business, and you’re brimming with ideas, goals, and initiatives.

You want to build wealth sustainably.

You’re looking for a trusty second-in-command who knows what it takes to run a successful and efficient multi-six to eight-figure business.

You appreciate open, honest, and timely communication.

You commit to the milestones and deadlines we set together (with grace for extenuating circumstances).

We’re not a good fit if…

You need a virtual assistant, executive assistant, or full-time employee.

You want us to run your business for you.

You expect results without participating in the process.

You’re still ironing out your business goals and expectations.

You struggle with constructive feedback or trying different approaches.

You’re striving for overnight success and want a rapid turnaround on launches and sales.

Our Values



Our approach to business is deeply rooted in fairness and mutual respect.

We believe that honesty and transparency are superpowers and pride ourselves on our long-term client relationships.



We support and elevate business owners and team members from all backgrounds. Every individual brings unique perspectives and solutions to modern businesses. We spend much time and care getting to know you to cater to your needs and preferences.



The honour and privilege of being entrusted with your business aren’t lost on us. We only support a handful of clients at a time to deliver a customised, white-glove service. This allows us to get to know your business intimately and give it the time, energy, and expertise it deserves.



Above all, we want you to enjoy building your business. We’re here to make your life easier, allowing you to reclaim your time and thrive – in and out of work. With a human-first approach to business, we’re always on hand to support you with a smile and a can-do attitude.