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The Missing Link

By Sneha

Connecting you to sustainable growth strategies

Subscribing to this newsletter gives you behind the scenes insight into running an online business from the perspective of someone who has over 15 years experience turning businesses into well oiled machines that turnover multiple 6-8 figures without the founder needing to be involved.
Sneha Morjaria

If you're a business owner

If you’re a ambitious CEO whose looking to 10x their business, this newsletter is really going to help you learn how the right team & systems can help you step away from the day-to-day of your business and how you can truly 10x your business into an asset that is both scalable and sellable. 

If you're an OBM

If you’re an OBM, firstly welcome home – this newsletter is really going to help elevate your knowledge and give you insights, insider tips and tricks on how to become a sought after OBM and grow your own business

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So what's behind the polished facade of a successful online business?

What makes a great leader?

And what role do operations, team and system play in scaling a business?

The Missing Link

Every fortnight

Every fortnight we will be pulling back the curtain to reveal what really goes into a profitable online business. But I’ll warn you, this newsletter is like no other, I’m going to be talking about things that no one ever addresses – you may feel uncomfortable and called out and that’s ok – because great things never come from the comfort zones.

The Missing Link

Connecting you to sustainable growth strategies