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The Second-In-Command

Fractional COO Partnership

One person can’t be an expert at everything.

You’ve ran with a bright idea, blinked, and suddenly you’re busier than ever. You’ve grown your business as much as possible as the only one at the helm.

Does this sound familiar?

All the success and money in the world can’t make up for a business that doesn’t feel good to run.

It’s time to do business differently. Let’s partner up.

Sneha Morjaria

“What is a fractional COO?”

Is this where you’re at? The Growth Chain® F-COO retainer is the missing link in your daily business operations.
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Our Signature Approach

This isn’t a step-by-step framework. Whatever phase you’re at, we’ll provide unique solutions tailored to your business needs.

Understanding your Vision and Mission

During the onboarding call, we’ll get to the heart of your goals and overarching business vision. We take time and care to get to know you individually and what makes you tick. We work in 90-day cycles, and after our initial onboarding call, we’ll put together a custom implementation plan.


We don’t jump into your business and start changing things straight away. We observe, audit, and analyse what’s working and what isn’t.


From setting up monthly metrics to performing a gap analysis, we comb through your operations to identify areas for improvement.

High-Level Implementation

Inspired by Scrum, we operate in two-week sprints. We’ll plug the gaps we’ve identified and build your business operations accordingly by either managing your team or using our in-house team of experts, as well as support you with your growth ambitions (e.g. launches and scaling).

High-Level Management of Projects and Team

You can rest assured that we’ll manage everything from conception to completion. We’re experienced in building high-performance teams and can manage your existing team or help you create a dream team of A-players. You lead; we’ll manage.

Strategic Support

You’ll benefit from the support and guidance of our seven-strong team of highly qualified specialists. From strategic data analysts to big-picture strategists, we’re on hand to provide holistic online business management.

Leadership Support

Growing a business requires you to shift your mindset and responsibilities. That’s why we mentor you on how to step into the leadership role. From developing your team to critically evaluating business decisions, we’ll guide you on the critical principles of exceptional leadership.

What you get

Orientation call

1:1 access to Sneha

Your F-COO and business strategist

Quarterly strategic planning

‘Done for you’

High-level strategy, implementation, and management

Here’s what that entails:

Sneha - Fractional COO at the Growth Chain

Need something different?

Every business is unique, so we provide a bespoke service depending on your budget and requirements. Get in touch for a custom quote.

How it works


Step 1

We’ll start our time together by analysing what’s going on in your business. We’ll lift the lid on your finances, systems, and current strategies (yes, we’ll even dive into that chaotic filing system in your Google Drive. No judgement here).


Step 2

Next, we’ll explore your overall vision for the business. Do you want to reach a new income goal or diversify your product suite? We can explore new ideas for the business, identify where money is being left on the table, and pinpoint any time leaks.


Step 3

Break the vision into bitesize chunks and create an actionable plan. This could be managing project timelines or setting up a complete onboarding and offboarding experience to provide your clients with a premium experience. Whatever the goal is, we’ll map out every step.


Step 4

You’ll receive a fully customised action plan, which means we’re both clear on what to do. Once agreed upon, our team will implement it. We’ll run your business like a well-oiled machine, so you can return to doing what you do best. No more distractions or constantly feeling like you’ve forgotten something; we’ll implement systemised tools, workflows, and automations to keep everything running smoothly – even when you’re not there.


Our retainers start from £2,000 p/m


It’s our job to make the everyday running of your business as effortless as possible for you. If you choose to partner with us, the amount of work you can delegate depends on the monthly or hourly package you’ve opted for.

Your F-COO is not the only team member you’ll need. Please note that this service probably isn’t right for you if you don’t have at least one to two team members.

Our role is to come into your business and clear the bottlenecks stopping you from scaling and growing. Additional positions may be necessary to form a high-performance team that drives long-term business progress. You may have already filled some roles or have future hiring plans.

Most clients already have a small team of contractors, such as a virtual assistant, social media manager, or copywriter. Part of our role is to support you with the day-to-day management and delegation of your team, holding them accountable to the output standard.

If you’re hiring or require a project-based contractor (e.g. an event planner), we also support you in identifying and interviewing the right person for these roles, onboarding them into the team and overseeing them in our day-to-day operations.

The “right time” differs for every business, company or organisation. Those with complex daily operations, offerings, and goals may need one earlier in their growth. Other businesses may never need one.

You’re ready to hire an F-COO if it’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to manage your team or you’re spending too much time on day-to-day operations and not enough time turning creative ideas into action.

You may also desire an internal partner in crime at the leadership level – someone to bounce ideas around, who understands the bigger vision and can interpret your creative thoughts into concrete plans.

Initially, we’ll develop the systems and processes that form the sustainable growth blueprints for your business. While our team will assist in executing these plans, it’s important to note that they cannot serve as a long-term extension of your team, as it’s neither sustainable nor financially viable for you.

We’ll propose improvements in various areas, collaborating with you to set short, mid, and long-term goals. Together, we’ll work towards the finish line as we support and lead your team. The outcome will be a collective effort, and we’ll be responsible for ensuring accountability for deadlines, goals, and day-to-day tasks, including holding you accountable.

An F-COO may seem similar to an OBM (short for Online Business Manager) as they tend to do related jobs. But there are a few key distinctions.

An OBM is primarily a manager.  As you scale your team and operations, you may need high-level support from someone with experience. The OBM takes direction from the CEO and manages the team, projects, and processes accordingly.

An F-COO serves as both a manager and a strategic partner. While they still take direction from the CEO to manage teams, projects, and operations, they also provide valuable strategic suggestions, insights, and an aerial view of the business’s growth trajectory.

An F-COO has more extensive experience and expertise than an average OBM. With a track record of guiding numerous businesses through successes and challenges, including venture capital funding, franchising, licensing, and multi-million-pound deals, we offer executive-level involvement.

Our role is to assist the CEO in making strategic decisions that align with the business vision. The CEO can then step back from day-to-day operations and focus on business development and new ideas.

An F-COO also ensures that the CEO, as a visionary, stays the course. After all, most CEOs need accountability too, and someone on their team to keep them moving in the right direction.