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The Advisor

Custom Consultancy and Done-For-You Implementation

You have a vision for what you want your business to achieve. The next level feels tantalisingly close.

But you’ve hit a wall. You’re working all the hours, and it isn’t translating to growth. If only you could clone yourself, right?


You could invest in the internal systems, structures, and operational excellence needed to grow and delegate without wasting your time and brain power.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Picture this...

You have streamlined internal business systems and structures in place, giving you the freedom to focus on your goals and build a scalable, sustainable business.

Your business can be easily managed behind the scenes without your 24/7 input. Your team and business will run like clockwork, giving you the time and space to execute your vision.

You finally have clarity, accountability, and direction tailored to your lifestyle and business goals.

sneha - online business manager
This is your opportunity to get our fractional COO’s expert eyes on your business and operations. Sneha and the team will spend a couple of months inside your business analysing and evaluating your current business systems, structures, and processes before implementing those improvements.

How it works

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Our Bespoke Approach

We recognise that each business is unique in size, goals, and complexity. Therefore, we tailor our consulting and advisory services to provide personalised support throughout the experience. To maintain the highest standards, we limit the number of clients we take on, ensuring exceptional delivery and deliverables.
Kick-Off Call and Audit
Our journey begins with a 90-minute call, where we delve into every aspect of your business: operations, team, vision, upcoming projects, and areas that need improvement. You'll grant us access to passwords and behind-the-scenes details. Following that, we'll conduct a comprehensive audit, assessing your current business operations and presenting recommended next steps.
Reporting and Creation of a Bespoke Business Roadmap
You’ll receive a bespoke business roadmap report, breaking down the inefficiencies and areas for improvement by department/system. We’ll then use our audit findings to establish priorities and focus areas over our project timeline. We’ll create a custom project roadmap, which we’ll report on and work towards over the project duration. We aim to complete this within the first four to six weeks of starting work together.
After the audit is complete and we have our roadmap, we’ll work on putting in the structures, processes and tailored strategies. You can expect 45 hours of implementation from months two to four. You’ll receive ongoing communication, weekly progress reports, and bi-weekly calls.
Perfect and Polish
We’ll continuously refine our work through testing and retesting various versions of the systems, strategies, and structures we've implemented. We understand that in business, nothing is ever truly ‘finished’. It’s an ongoing process, and embracing this fact is crucial for achieving operational excellence across all levels of your business.
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We come in as an unbiased external expert to thoroughly audit your systems and operations and assess where we can make significant improvements. But we don’t just talk about making your business operationally efficient - we do it for you.

If that sounds daunting, please rest assured that there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. We understand that operations haven’t been a priority until now. That’s why you’re here.

What to expect from working with us:

Two-hour kick-off call

We’ll take a deep dive into your business operations and team structure to understand everything there is to know about your business and the blockers that are preventing you from running at optimal efficiency

Bi-weekly 30-minute calls

We’ll be working together over three months, with two calls per month. The calls are structured around your business requirements and tailored to your needs.

Unlimited communication with the F-COO

Throughout our time together, you’ll have our F-COO, Sneha, in your back pocket and unlimited access via Slack and Whatsapp (Sneha loves a voice note!) for any ‘What would Sneha do’ moments.

Systems and business audit

To better understand your current business processes and structure, we’ll perform several systems audits throughout our working relationship to determine the areas that need work and support.

45 hours of execution and implementation

We understand your need for more than just auditing and advising – you require someone who can take action on your behalf. Please note that the first month’s calls, communication, and audit are separate from this offering. These 45 hours, valued at over £3,000, are dedicated solely to implementing the necessary steps after your audit. You can purchase additional implementation hours at a discounted rate if extra implementation hours are needed.

Unlimited communication

We’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours of you sending the message. Our working hours are Monday-Thursday (10 am-5 pm GMT).


Starts from £1,800 p/m (for a minimum of four months).

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