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The Mic Drop

Podcast Launch, Video Editing, and Management

You’ve got a story worth listening to. We’ve got the tools to share it with the world.

In the non-stop world of social media, we understand that you’re longing for a deeper connection with your target audience. You’re looking for a new way to share your message and speak into the earbuds of dream clients.

Podcasts are a powerful marketing tool. But launching, editing, and managing a quality podcast is a job in itself.

That’s what we’re here for.

You can trust our dedicated and experienced podcasting team to polish and publish your episodes. What’s more, our fractional COO, Sneha, will develop the strategy behind your podcast and assist you with a seamless launch.

You do the talking; we’ll do the rest.

Podcast Services

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VIP Launch Package

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Podcast Production Mentorship

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Podcast Production

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Podcast Management & Production Pro

Sneha Morjaria Fractional COO

VIP Launch Package

If you’re ready to launch your podcast, this package is perfect for you. It’s time to sit back, turn on the mic, and let our expert team handle everything else.

Prepare for an eight-week VIP accelerator experience, where we'll provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, turning your ideas into a successful podcast launch. With our fractional COO background, we’re well-versed in launching and will assist you end-to-end with your bespoke project management template.


(Weeks 1-2)


(Weeks 3-4)


(Weeks 4-8)


(Weeks 9-10)


Starting from £1,497

Podcast Production Mentorship

You’re brimming with ideas for podcast topics, but you know it isn’t as simple as hitting ‘record’ and waiting for the reviews to roll in. Tech and editing issues are holding you back, despite the self-taught resources you may have tried.

Leave it to us.

You’ll have four weekly 1:1 personalised sessions with our podcast manager and editor, who’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on producing high-quality episodes. You’ll also receive customised feedback on your trailer and first episode.


Pay in full: £400 or two payments of £250

Our approach:

Podcast Production

It’s easy to speak into a mic. It’s not so easy to trawl through the audio, eliminate all the tangents and filler, and share the finished product with the world.

We’ll spare you the time and hassle of editing and scheduling your podcast episodes so that you can focus on marketing.


Starting from £460 p/m
Podcast mic and laptop

Podcast Management & Production Pro:

Unlock the full potential of your podcast as a powerful marketing tool that converts and generates profit. Our strategic approach will empower you to focus on your strengths and what you excel at while we handle the rest.

Includes everything from Podcast Production plus:


Starting from £850 p/m

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